Eileen Martin

Martin Glass Creations

At Martin Glass Creations, we’re more than just glass artists; we’re storytellers and light capturers, bringing a splash of color to the world, one pane at a time. Our online store is your go-to for exclusive, handcrafted glass art pieces, perfect for adding that special touch to any space. While we’re based in the bustling greater DC area, our creations don’t just stay put – they travel! Catch our vibrant displays at events like The Mansion at Strathmore’s “Holiday Market” and other select venues throughout the year. Whether it’s a custom piece for your home, a restoration project, or a unique addition to your business, we’re here to bring your glass dreams to life. Dive into our world, where traditional meets contemporary, and every glass piece has a story waiting to be shared.

Artist Bio

Located in Silver Spring, MD, Martin Glass Creations is a center of artistic innovation in stained glass, founded by Eileen Martin. Specializing in custom stained and art glass work, Eileen’s pieces enhance the ambiance of homes, churches, and businesses in the greater DC area. Her expertise also includes the repair and restoration of stained glass, preserving the heritage and intricacy of these works.

Eileen’s journey in glass art spans warm and cold glass techniques, reflecting her versatility and mastery. Her sculptural works, known for a unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, are featured in prestigious galleries. Her creations, ranging from dishware to interior art, are available in select stores, bringing her artistic vision to everyday life.

As an educator, Eileen Martin imparts her passion and skills at local studios and art centers, nurturing a community of glass art enthusiasts and supporting emerging artists.

Artist Statement

At the core of Martin Glass Creations is my passion for the transformative nature of stained glass. Each piece I craft is a narrative in glass, telling stories through color and light. My work bridges traditional methods with modern design.

The creation of stained glass, be it a new commission or a restoration, is a collaborative journey with each client, translating their vision into art that resonates with their environment and spirit. My dishware and interior art pieces are explorations in glass, transforming simple sheets into intricate, functional art using various techniques.

My sculptural work reflects my ongoing exploration of a diverse range of materials, including handblown and fused glass, offering translucence and fluidity; wood, which brings organic warmth; concrete, with its solid, grounding presence; metal, providing sleek strength; ceramic, for its delicate fineness; and rubber, adding a touch of pliability and texture. Together, these materials create an immersive experience, inviting viewers to see the world through a dynamic, ever-shifting kaleidoscope

Teaching brings me the joy of sharing knowledge and nurturing new talents in glass art. My goal is to inspire and spread the beauty of glass art far and wide.